La baleine Conceptual rebranding for French sea salt factory

Since I’m living in France now, when I go to the supermarket I can see a lot of brands and products of French brands.
When I started to live in France, the first brand I knew at the supermarket was La baleine.

La Baleine, which means a whale in french, is a sea salt company, based in Paris.
Their factory is based at Aigues-Mortes, a commune in the Gard department in the Occitanie region of southern France, and I visited there just for sightseeing.

I went there with my wife and her parents. In the tour, you can climb up the mountain of salt. After that, when we entered the museum, I was pulled in the display of the brand history.

What a cute whale, isn’t it?
Personally speaking, I don’t like their current whale because the illustrated logo is complicated a little. But the old whale, especially the one in 80’s, is simple.
And I realized that the shape of whale looks like “b”, the first letter of the brand.

After coming back from there, I sketched the logo and finally I launched it here.

Rotated “b” as a whale mark, I designed a cute and simple, yet distinctive logo.
The color scheme comes from the old packages in 80’s.
And it represents “France” also.
Now the company sells the products to all over the world, so this color scheme helps to recognize for foreign customers that it’s french brand.




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