Why I start & love identity design I want to write and share what I think about design (especially Identity design, logo, mark, symbol).

Who am I ?

I’ve been working as a freelance like 4–5years or perhaps more. Why I’m not sure that? After graduating university, I was studying at the school of design in night while I was working at cafe during the day. And at the time, some of my colleges who were actor, musicien asked me to make the designs for them. So I can say I started my design work at the time, but I registered officially some years later.

Why I love identity design?

On 11th march 2011, you know, there was huge earthquake in Japan. After that, I was thinking what can I (or design) do more for society, people rather than for advertising. And also, since everything was disrupted by Tsunami, I was fascinated by the things which DON’T have entities. Tsunami can destroy your home, your family, your things, but can’t destroy your IDENTITY.

This is why I started liking identity, logo more than before.

After living in Tokyo, I came to France with my french girlfriend whom I met the shared house where I lived. Now I’m working on identity design and studying French in a small village in south of France 😉

Bonne journée !

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